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How IV Infusion Therapy Can Aid in Immune System Improvement

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When you're feeling tired, IV infusion therapy can help restore your body and give you a much-needed boost. This is especially true when it comes to immune system health. You may become a victim of infections, colds, or other illnesses if your immune system is not functioning properly.

Eastside Family Health Center's team, led by Frank Marinkovich, MD, offers IV infusion therapy to help with a variety of issues, including a tired immune system.

What is IV infusion therapy?

IV infusion therapy is a treatment that has several applications. When you think of an IV, you might think of fluids and medications delivered directly into your bloodstream. This is correct, but there are many other possibilities.

IV infusion therapy is used by our team for a variety of reasons, including reducing inflammation, supporting your body during cancer treatments, and boosting immunity.

IV infusion therapy involves the administration of vitamins and nutrients into your arm via an IV line. It's a simple procedure that consists of getting an IV, which is a small tube inserted into your vein with a needle.


You relax and allow the fluids and nutrients to enter your body once the IV is in place. These infusions are customized to your specific needs and may include medications or a vitamin combination to help you perform at your peak.

One of the most significant benefits of IV infusion therapy is that it takes less than an hour and you can go home the same day. You can also almost immediately resume your normal activities.

Understanding your immune system

Your immune system is your body's personal army that protects you from harmful invaders. Invaders come in a variety of forms, including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Your immune system is made up of numerous cells, organs, and proteins that enable it to combat dangerous diseases and bacteria on a daily basis.

You have an innate immune system that protects you from birth. Some of your immunity, however, develops as you age, especially if you are exposed to certain diseases or chemicals. This is known as acquired immunity.

Your immune system is normally regulated when your body is healthy and functioning properly. Stress, lack of sleep, and obesity all have an effect on the overall health of your immune system.


A weakened immune system can lead to infections and other illnesses, including autoimmune disorders.

How does IV therapy boost your immunity?

IV therapy is a great way to keep your body healthy and your immune system strong. Your immune system may be compromised if you are tired or lethargic.

Hydration is the most important factor in increasing immunity. Water accounts for nearly 60% of the adult male body and 55% of the adult female body. When you don't drink enough water, your body and immune system suffer.

Vitamins and nutrients are also necessary for immune system function. A healthy diet contains many of these nutrients, but it is not always enough. IV infusion therapy replenishes nutrients that you may be deficient in, such as:



All of these nutrients are available in IV form and can improve your mood while also boosting your immune system and keeping you healthy.

If you’re ready to give your immune system a boost, call our conveniently located office in Kirkland, Washington. You can also request an appointment online using the online booking tool.

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