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In the constantly changing world of holistic health, the balance between mind and body is crucial. At Eastside Family Health Center, we emphasize the importance of both physical health and mental wellness. On our journey towards all-encompassing healing, we're thrilled to present a service that connects mental sharpness with physical vigor: Neurofeedback Therapy. Explore and see how this cutting-edge method can be the gateway to a revitalized you.


Neurofeedback Therapy at Eastside Family Health Center

image of test tubesIn our quest for total wellness and thorough health rejuvenation, Eastside Family Health Center is delighted to offer Neurofeedback Therapy among our wide array of services. This pioneering method aims to synchronize the mind, ensuring that while your body recovers and revitalizes, your mental capabilities are fine-tuned for optimal function

Delving into NeuroFeedback

Often dubbed EEG biofeedback, Neurofeedback is a revolutionary brain enhancement technique. It leverages live displays of cerebral activity, guiding the brain towards self-regulation and heightened efficiency. This non-intrusive method provides a window into brainwave behaviors, empowering individuals to consciously adjust their brain operations.

The Mechanics of Neurofeedback

Our brain, a complex web of neurons, communicates via electrical signals. These signals produce brain waves of varying frequencies. Neurofeedback therapy hones in on these frequencies, pinpointing anomalies and steering the brain towards equilibrium. In doing so, it targets the foundational causes of numerous mental and neurological challenges, moving beyond mere symptom relief.

Advantages Alegned with Restorative Healing

Holistic Integration: As our physique undergoes therapeutic processes, it's vital that our mind aligns. Neurofeedback augments physical therapies by promoting mental lucidity and emotional harmony.

Boosted Cognitive Abilities: Post-therapy, numerous patients have noted enhanced recall, heightened concentration, and refined decision-making skills.

Emotional Balance: For those grappling with stress, depression, or anxiety, Neurofeedback can be transformative, resonating with our center's vision of all-encompassing wellness.

Aid for Neurological Ailments: This therapy proves especially advantageous for disorders such as ADD/ADHD, PTSD, sleep disturbances, and even migraines, enriching our center's range of offerings.

The Neurofeedback Journey at Our Center

Preliminary Brain Analysis: Prior to initiating therapy, an exhaustive evaluation of cerebral activity is undertaken. This EEG analysis offers a vivid depiction of prevailing brainwave behaviors and focal points.

Customized Neurofeedback Engagements: Stemming from the preliminary analysis, individualized neurofeedback engagements are crafted. Throughout these engagements, patients gain live insights into their cerebral activity, enabling them to comprehend and adjust their brainwave behaviors.

Assessment of Advancements: Post a predetermined number of engagements, a subsequent evaluation is performed to monitor progress and adjust the therapy as required.

Incorporating Neurofeedback into our offerings highlights our dedication to a comprehensive health and rejuvenation perspective. As we pave the way for contemporary medical breakthroughs, our unwavering commitment is to provide our patients with the pinnacle of both physical and mental therapeutic techniques.